Pegs' Source to the Salt run.

My mission

Hi thanks for visiting my fundraising page I am trying to fundraise $5,000 to help Shake It Up Australia for Parkinson’s Research. I chose Shake It Up for two key reasons: 1) The founding Directors cover ALL of the charity's overhead costs so absolutely 100% of your donation will go directly to the research teams awarded a research grant by the Foundation. 2) The foundation is very closely aligned with the Michael J Fox Foundation in the US. The MJF Foundation is setting the standard in fully coordinating research into Parkinson's Disease around the world. Research projects are aimed at finding a cure building on existing research and without redundant effort or cost. The MJF Foundation has put more than USD$800 million into PD research to date. The Shake It Up Australia Foundation has raised and put more than $10 million into PD research that co-ordinates with MJF efforts here in Australia. More details of both foundations can be found here: Details of The Source to the Salt ("S2S")run: Over a period of 8 days from 4th - 11th May 2019, I shall run more than 300 Km from the source of the Thames River at a place called Kemble, running following the Thames Towpath across England to the point that it reaches the sea at the Thames Barrier. This is a run that I shall run solo, although friends and running buddies may accompany me for some of the legs. I shall stop, rest and recuperate after each day of running. The runs comprise of legs that are no less than a half marathon on the first day followed by six consecutive marathons for the following days and finishing with another half marathon on the last day. Please help me to fund research that will be focused on finding a cure to this hideous disease by making a donation through my page. It only takes a minute and any money you can give (no matter how large or small) will go a long way to helping me reach my target. Thank you, I really appreciate your support. Andrew.

Recent updates

Finished ! The final day was a long slog and the goal seem to come closer only very slowly. But it came. In the end the total distance completed was 195 miles, including diversions and parkruns.

Final day post is here:

Day 6 was a rainy one but brightened by friends who came out to run and support me. That feeling was so uplifting that I flew today.

Thats five marathons completed in five days.

Just one and a half marathons to go.

Hope you are enjoying following my journey.

Full blog on

Day 5 completed. A day marked by the change in the weather. However, I have now run 200km and "just" have 2 and a half marathons to go.

Full blog and pictures are here:

My achievements

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Recent donations

Alicia gave $210.00
18 days ago

You are so inspiring to all of us Pegs!!

Deborah gave $105.00
20 days ago

Proud of you.

Andrew gave $18.00
a month ago

Well done Andrew

Sandra gave $78.75
a month ago

So very proud of you brother.

a month ago

Thank you San, and me you ! You are my favorite sister, you know that right?

Emma gave $26.25
a month ago
a month ago

Emma, thank you for being so wonderful to me at the hospital. I really appreciate it and your support. Thank you. Pegs